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Areas of Research (papers and lecture outlines available on request)

Song Literature

Doctoral Dissertation: The Songs of Eric Wolfgang Korngold: An Annotated Bibliography, Discography, and Performance Guide. Indiana University (Bloomington) Music Library (B-MUSIC) ML134.K68 M4. Reference Dept.; MZ4 .M595, Dissertation Stacks.

The Influence of Richard Wagner On the Symbolist Mélodie

The Compositional Style of Robert Schumann and Its Historical Context

Die Entwicklung eines Liedes: An Analytical Study of Schubert's Settings of Goethe’s “Wer nur die Sehnsucht kennt”

Loewe’s Rhetorical Compositional Technique As Seen In the Op. 2, No. 2 Ballad “Herr Oluf”

The Unique Musical-Rhetorical Art of Schütz as Seen in “Ihr Heiligen, lobsinget dem Herren,” SWV 288, in Kleine geistliche Konzerte

Compositional Devices and Stylistic Considerations Present in the Dufay Chanson, “Le Serviteur Hault Guerdonné”

Vocal Pedagogy

A Case Study on the Treatment of Adult Tone Deafness

The Treatment of Adult Tone Deafness: A Computer-Based Clinical Diagnostic

A Survey of the Theories of Vocal Registers

The Acoustic Evidence for the Presence of Vocal Nodules

A Set of Phonological Assessment Principles Based on Research

1995 Vowel Identification in Digitally Filtered Silent-Center Syllables (abstract available on request)

Independent Study Project, Indiana University Speech and Hearing Department

This study examined a single component of vowel recognition: the sounds made in the transition from consonant to vowel in a spoken word. These onset and offglide transitions provide an enormous amount of information for vowel recognition. It is possible to digitally remove the vowel altogether, leaving only the consonants, and the listener is still able to reliably understand the spoken word. The robustness of this aspect of vowel recognition was explored.


Songs of Arvo Pärt, Theater of Voices, directed by Paul Hillier
Harmonia Mundi HMU 907242
Beyond Plainsong: Tropes and Polyphony in the Medieval Church, directed by Thomas Binkley
Focus Records 943
Missa Ecce Ancilla Domini: Guillaume Du Fay, directed by Thomas Binkley
Focus Records 941